Thursday, 10 March 2011

I Just Feel Better When They're Not Around

1990, ABC Television

1991, Polydor Records

1991, L.A.P.D.

...But, yeah, I never could stand Randy Newman.


W. Kasper said...

Jeezus - I forgot about that awful, awful show (mucho hype, zero ratings). Apparently it was Bochco's attempt at Dennis Potter surrealism... talk about not getting it...

Greyhoos said...

Right. Once in a while, there's an instance when the word abomination just doesn't cover it.

Or, as one Youtube comment had it, "It's like Glee,...except with guns."

SV Bumbo said...

OK, smartass, diss "Cop Rock" all you want. But you mess with Ol' Four Eyes at your peril.